About Tommy Ryan

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First and foremost this blog is a repository of musings and information that I’ve amassed over the years. Sometimes I get a wild hair and post randomness but mostly I’m curious about coding, being more efficient, and building businesses. I tend to blog in spurts but I keep promising myself I’ll do better.

Personal Life

I’m married with an amazing, supportive wife and three awesome kids. I spend most of my time with them when I’m not coding or working on startups. I am almost 7 feet tall and played basketball in college as well as a short stint in the ABA. This lead to opportunities to play internationally in China. I enjoy outdoor activities especially backpacking, exercising, and coaching youth sports. I believe in collecting memories and experiences not stuff.

Professional Life

I’m currently employed at Qualcomm Education. Our startup, Empowered, was acquired by Qualcomm in 2014 but I’m still very active in the startup community. In my spare time I hack on side projects including a commercial insurance app, Modgic, speak at and attend various meet-ups, and run a consulting business with my wife Tallboy Consulting. I’ve done front end, back end, and mobile development but most of my current work involves writing Node.js on the server side.


I’m also a Pluralsight author! I’ll be sure to update the site with my courses as soon as they’re available to the public.

Contacting Me

The quickest way to get a hold of me would be at my personal site - TommyRyan.com. Otherwise you can reach out via social media. I’m @tallb0y on Twitter, leave a comment here, or you can ping me on LinkedIn (fair warning I check LinkedIn about once every couple weeks).