Wireless connection issues with WUSB600N solved!

Reading time ~1 minute

After tearing my hair out for…literally years…trying to get my Linksys WUSB600N wireless network adapter to work consistently it looks like I may have figured it out.

For quite some time I have gotten message bubble pop-ups on my Windows Vista box saying this device can perform faster, referring to my wireless network adapter. I had tried uninstalling, deleting, reinstalling drivers, etc. There was one driver that I thought was stable but it was also much older and it had issues when I used the dual-band setup on my wireless router.

I noticed that I got better or worse connection speeds and drop-offs depending on which USB port I plugged into on my PC. The PC in question is a gaming rig with a 1000W power supply so I thought maybe the firmware on the mobo was hosed…updated that…still nothing.

Finally, after digging around setting up the Kinect I found the powered USB hub that came with Rockband. The gears began to creak and the dim light bulb in my brain began to dimly blink. I plugged it in. Threw tons of bandwidth at it and I’m proud to say it’s been holding up pretty well for a few hours now.

TLDR; WUSB600N issues? Try a powered USB hub

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