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Test early and test often

Written By: Tommy Ryan | Published: 2012-11-06

UPDATE on the Startup progress!

So far the testing has been positive.  Through customer feedback I’ve identified a few different market segments and products that can work.  Technological risks seem low but no clear winning between B2C or B2B has emerged.  The cut off for the course is tomorrow and, while the customer feedback is driving me to change the app, it’s too close to the deadline for me to make feature changes.  Most of the customers I’ve tested are also in a skinny demographic.  I wish I had access to more people in the baby boomer demo.  If I had a few more days I’d buy a bunch of $5 Starbucks cards and creep on people at the local caffination station.

UPDATE: I ended up going to a local Starbucks and buying people coffee to user test my app. I learned so much from the experience. As an engineer, I intuitively know where all the functionality is in my app because I put it there. I learned that discoverability is tough and some people took much more time than I expected to find certain functions in the app. The sooner you get your product in the hands of users the better. Don’t paint yourself into a corner!