The Viking Laws

Viking Laws: go Berzerk

Written By: Tommy Ryan | Published: 2011-04-20

I was watching a Crossfit video and the guy in the video made a reference to the Viking Laws.  With vikings being the new pirates and all I was intrigued.  The Googles didn’t have much help but after mucho searcho I found an image with them and they are awesome.  I noticed in reading them that they are very close in comparison to the Agile Manifesto for software developers.

  1. Be Brave and Aggressive
  2. Be Direct
  3. Grab All Opportunities
  4. Use Varying Methods of Attack
  5. Be Versatile and Agile
  6. Attack One Target at a Time
  7. Don’t Plan Everything in Detail
  8. Use Top Quality Weapons
  9. Be Prepared
  • Keep Weapons in Good
  • Keep in Shape
  • Find Good Battle Comrades
  • Agree on Important Points
  1. Choose ONE Chief
  2. Be a Good Merchant
  • Find Out What the Market Needs
  • Don’t Promise What You Can’t Keep
  • Don’t Demand Overpayment
  • Arrange Things So That You Can Return
  1. Keep the Camp in Order
  • Keep Things Tidy and Organized
  • Arrange Enjoyable Activities Which Strengthen The Group
  • Make Sure Everybody Does Useful Work
  • Consult All Members of the Group for Advice

I love these laws.  They touch on community, pride in one’s work and in one’s self, camaraderie, using great tools, and being virtuous.  Great rules to live by (or use in any team environment).